Flat washers

Distributes the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface
so that the surface is not damaged.

To ensure the nut is tightened against a smooth surface,
Thereby reducing the chance of it gradually loosening as against an uneven surface.

Sealing washer

They are used to help seal joints, prevent leakages and
provide cushioning under the head of the bolt

Thrust washer

They are used as a bearing surface for rotary applications.

They are designed to prevent movement along the axis of a shaft.

We provide the complete range of washers for your bolting requirements using any of the below material

1. Mild Steel
2. Stainless Steel
3. Aluminium
4. Copper

Which are then daily passivated (plated) check and dispatched.

1. D1=ID
2. D2=OD
3. S=Thickness
4. Material
5. Surface Finish / Plating (If Applicable)


Just mention the above details along with quantity per month to receive a quick quote from us